Fashion Tips – How To Wear A Fascinator

Fascinators are special headpieces worn by women. These headpieces became popular in the 90s and have since become a popular way to make a fashion statement. Fascinators were worn during wedding events. Today, they can also be worn for formal occasions. The main reason to wear a fascinator is for beauty reasons. Fascinators are a blend between hair accessories and cocktail hats. The good thing about fascinators is that they also keep your hairstyle intact.

Wearing a fascinator


How one wears a fascinator solely depends on the symmetry of their head. Considering that most people do not have heads that are completely symmetrical, one should place the fascinator slightly above one eyebrow. On the other hand, some women prefer wearing it as a tiara or having it at the back of the head. Ideally, how one wears the fascinator is purely a matter of personal preferences.

Which is the best place to wear a fascinator?

The best place to wear a fascinator is to have it to the back side of the head. Traditionally, fascinators were placed on the right side. The reason for this was to avoid having it in the way of the beau, who often walked on your left side. Today, the side you place is not much of a concern. For visual balance, have part of your hair covered by the fascinator.

Styling tips

Anyone wearing a fascinator should wear it in a manner that makes her stand out. For instances, individuals with big heads are advised to refrain from using dainty fascinators. Secondly, you also need to keep your hair neat and simple to prevent it from stealing the show. A ponytail, slicked-back style, or a curled free falling hair can be complemented well by a fascinator. The rule of the thumb is to keep it short and simple.

How to wear fascinators

asDaSZDVSDsdsWearing a fascinator requires you to tease your hair slightly to the side you intend to place your fascinator. This provides some grip to attach the fascinator. If necessary, it is imperative to have some hairpins to hold the fascinator in place.

All said and done, the other important styling tip when it comes to wearing fascinators is to ensure you get the right unit.  Besides just fascinator hats, you also get the opportunity to shop for other fashion accessories to accentuate your looks.…

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