Qualities Of A Good Hair Straightener


It is common that even though we hate bad hair days, we do experience them in some instances. When this happens, we all fall back to hair straighteners to fix them. But the most unfortunate thing is that not everyone uses the best hair straightener for the job. This usually leads to not very good results.

But by using a good hair strengthener, one is not only able to avoid the slow straightening and bad results, but they also avoid the dreaded heat damage and limited lifespan that comes with using a bad hair straightener. All this is made possible by the fact that good hair straighteners are made with top quality materials that are converted into practical and ergonomic devices to give one the desired styling experience.

The exercise of finding the best hair straightener for your hair is not that much of a challenge, so long as you know what you are looking for. You can also check out Tgusta.es for comprehensive buyers guide with a rundown of the best hair straighteners. But if you are out there looking to purchase a hair straightener for the first time, then you need to know the characteristics or features to look out for in the best hair straightener.

Properties of a good hair straightener

Should be hot, lighter and faster


If you are looking for a straightener that has the above qualities, then go for that which is made of titanium. This is very good with those people who have curly, stubborn and coarse hair. This is because this particular one provides higher temperatures that will straighten the hair properly. For something gentle, choose one that is made of tourmaline.

Pure plates

Those who have experience in this will tell you that a good hair straightener uses pure plates. They can be made of titanium, ceramic, or even tourmaline. It is very important that you purchase a machine that has pure plates since if you buy that which has plates of a lesser quality, your hair will be damaged, and it will not last for long.

Ensure that you avoid hair straighteners that use ceramic coated plates which are being popularly used nowadays. These ceramic coated plates are made of rough aluminum and painted using a layer of ceramic so that they can appear as being smooth and attractive. Do not be duped by this as the plates peel after some time and they can cause serious damage to your hair. Instead, go for a straightener that is made of solid ceramic as it produces a gentle infrared heating sensation that properly and safely straightens your hair.


Has adjustable heat setting

The best hair straightener should always have an adjustable heat setting so that one can have a safe and controlled treatment regardless of the hair style that you want. It is not advisable to ever settle for a straightener that has fixed heat.


Practical design

skdlvnalskdnvlkasnlkvnsadlvknasdvasdA good hair straightener should have an ergonomic design which provides absolute comfort when one is using it. It should also have a good grip that allows one to straighten much swifter and it will enable you to avoid your hand having any strain.